Happiness is the foundation for long lasting customer satisfaction and company performance

The ebullient way

The ebullient team knows that companies with clarity of purpose, solid business models, appropriate organisation and efficient tools will succeed, and they will perform even better when they have a disciplined approach to customer experience design and implementation. This type of organisation is focused on satisfying their clients, and as they continue to succeed their employees and other stakeholders succeed as well.

We are able to work with your leadership and organisation to develop strategies to achieve this type of success. Starting first with a quick scan or targeted investigation, we quickly develop with your team a measurement. Based on those insights, strategies can be formulated.   Our strategic processes are based on a holistic organisational model, and the strategy can be as broad or narrow as is required. Implementation support ranges from coaching your teams periodically all the way to pushing the projects through on your behalf. Periodic health checks or regularly scheduled reviews are scheduled to ensure you adapt to any new insights or changes in the market.

The ebullient difference is the not only the expertise brought to the discussion. We take a co-creative approach to our work methods. You must be in the lead during your journey.   Our values are based on the fact that someone else can’t make you happy. Let’s create lasting success, and happiness, together.

Customer Experience has a clear ROI

The top 10% Customer Experience companies in the US perform in the stock market…

Source: Forrester Research’s annual Customer Experience Index

better than the S&P 500
better than the bottom 10%

ebullient is an international experience design consultancy helping companies to innovate their products, services and processes by improving performance with a focus on engagement.

ebullient can help you

Broad Perspective & Deep Experience

Experienced across various industries ranging from retail and hospitality all the way to mobility and technology, we bring perspective. We also dive deep, having been CEO’s, CMO’s and CIO’s, we understand your reality.

Practical Focussed Investment

Your resources are precious. Whether it is your money, your people, or your own time, we strive to keep our engagements as practical and achievable as possible. Life is also too short to waste your precious resources!

Adaptive To Your Context

Every market is different. Every company is different. Every leader is different. We know this, and we celebrate this.

Performance Based Approach

Delivery is our core-business. We do what we promise.

Holistic Business Overview

We need to get the whole picture but our solutions will always be smart and usable.

Delivered With Joy

Delivery is our focus. Customer oriented opportunities need a balance of practical execution and innovative creativity. We provide a beautiful blend of these perspectives.

Let ebullient serve you


You want to know what the possibilities are within your organization about Customer Experience? Then we offer you a scan.


Have an ambition but aren’t really sure of the best path to pursue? We can help you succeed by walking with you to generate practical and achievable strategies.


Are you just not having a good feeling about how things are going? We can help you succeed by providing quick assessments of various aspects of your organization and give you an honest expert opinion.


Have an impossible challenge which simply cannot fail? These are the kinds we love the most! We can help you succeed delivering for you. Whether this is holding your hand or pushing you up the mountain, we get it done.

Our work together will be smart and practical

We are committed to mutual success

At ebullient, we believe that executives facing the growing variety of challenges in today’s markets need people who deliver consistently.  There isn’t time to second guess each other and play game – we need to work towards our mutual success every step of the journey.  We approach journeys with our feet on the ground while keeping an eye on the future.

We have delivered for leaders in various industries across multiple continents.  With our experience, we can quickly cut to the chase and rapidly assess the situation and achieve momentum.  We will quickly adapt to your team structure and company culture in order to achieve the objective.

Having been around the block, we also keep an eye on the future.  If you are implementing a strategy which is good for today and bad for tomorrow, you need to know it as soon as possible.  Long-term sustainable performance is always our ambition, which helps us all achieve happiness together.

A dedicated team of professionals


Chris Parker

Chris is a customer experience technology professional with almost 20 years experience in Enterprise Technology, Customer Experience, Employee Engagement and Organisational Dynamics.


+31 6 53 50 28 95


Roman Clemens

Roman is a customer experience marketing professional for over 15 years and specialized in Brand Positioning, Customer Journey Strategies, Social Media and Interactive Marketing Strategy.


+31 6 45 45 62 42

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